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Dependable Disaster Recovery solutions

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions provide flexible backup and recovery options that enable organisations to simplify the backup and recovery of mission critical application and servers.

We’ll take the time to understand your current Disaster Recovery position and future objectives, and then help design and implement a robust and accountable DR solution that will provide piece of mind and continuation of critical IT functions when disaster strikes.

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Disaster Recovery solutions that meet your recovery objectives

Can you afford to lose all data created or changed since the last backup? If your last backup was 24 hours ago the answer is probably, no.

Depending on your recovery point and time objectives, we can design and implement a disaster recovery solution that can provide near zero data loss in the event of server or site failure.

Recovery Point Obejective. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Automated on-site and off-site backup storage

We’ll provide you with an on-premise backup solution that will protect your mission critical, on-site and cloud hosted physical and virtual servers. With everything automated, there’ll be no more disks or tapes to rotate or manually take off-site.

Having duplicate copies of your data stored on-site and in the cloud, contributes towards a robust Disaster Recovery plan and provides flexible options for different recovery scenarios.

On site backup. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

On-site Backup

On-site backups are saved to a dedicated appliance or local storage for quick access during non-site failure.

Cloud Backup. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Cloud Backup

Off-site backups can be replicated to private or public clouds like Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.

Flexible recovery options

At the push of a button, individual servers can be recovered to an on-site backup appliance, an available VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V host, or the cloud. In the event of a site-wide disaster where production infrastructure or connectivity is unavailable, your entire infrastructure can be recovered to the cloud allowing your business to operate until production infrastructure becomes available to failback to.

Push button recovery. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Push-button recovery

Recover to appliance. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Recover to appliance

Recover to Hypervisor. Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Recover to Hypervisor

Disaster Recovery solutions from redhall in Norwich

Recover to Cloud

The proof is in the recovery

Not knowing if your recovery will work until after disaster strikes can be stressful, and fatal.

An essential element of any disaster recovery plan is having the ability to test the recovery of servers without impacting production workloads.

Our DRaaS solutions enable to you safely and easily put your DR plan to the test by conducting single server restores and full site fail-overs and fail-back.

Disaster Recovery Fail over. Disaster Recovery Solutions from redhall in Norwich

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