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The right equipment, at a competitive price

Buying IT hardware, software or cloud services can be a daunting task if you don’t have a resident IT expert in your team. The internet’s awash with products and reviews, but where do go for impartial advice before you buy?

Our knowledge and long-standing relationships with industry leading suppliers and vendors means we can provide you with impartial advice and supply the right equipment at a competitive price.

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Servers and infrastructure

Buying a new server is rarely an off-the-shelf solution. Acquiring the right server for the right price requires a good understanding of its intended purpose and the know-how to handle potentially complex configuration requirements.

We can assist with the build, design, configuration and supply of your server, ensuring you get the right server for the job. Our buying power with leading vendors enables us to supply you the same server that you’ll find on the vendors website, but for less.

Servers - IT Procurement services from redhall in Norwich
Laptops and desktops - IT Procurement services from redhall in Norwich

Desktops, laptops and tablets

Ageing or misconfigured computers, tablets and laptops can incur unnecessary costs and have a detrimental effect on your business productivity.  To ensure your workforce always have the right tools for the job we can supply the right hardware and work with you to plan and budget the life-cycle of your equipment.

Software and licensing

Software licensing can be complex to understand and failing to be compliant can bring heavy penalties. We can help you determine the right options for your organisations needs and provide you with flexible purchasing and billing options.


Software and licensing - IT Procurement services from redhall in Norwich
Dell Partner - IT Procurement services from redhall in Norwich

We’re a Dell Partner

Whilst we’ll always provide impartial advice and recommend the right solution for your business, we’re able to offer great deals through our long-standing relationships with suppliers. We have been a Dell Partner for over 15 years.  Our buying power enable us to offer our clients competitive pricing that won’t be beaten by going direct to Dell or online.

We have extensive experience of configuring Dell hardware and our excellent relationship with Dell means a smooth experience from pre-sales advice through to delivery and support


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