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Not having an experienced IT Consultant within your organisation can bring its own challenges; The projects that seem to fail, but nobody knows why. Or the solutions upon which hopes are pinned that never quite workout as you’d expected.

We believe that for a solution to become a true solution, or ideas to become credible strategies, a business’s current position and ambitions must be assessed and understood by a consultant who’s familiar with the challenges at hand.

Solution discovery

Staff mentoring

IT strategy development

Infrastructure planning

Security & compliance

Penetration testing

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Strategy and direction

For small businesses, the absence of an internal IT director presents challenges that can often lead to poor IT decision making. As a result this can threaten the integrity of your IT infrastructure, lead to cost inefficiencies and ultimately impact upon your business.

As a strategic partner we help fill this void and enable you to make better decisions by defining and implementing a coherent IT strategy. We can provide on-going, always-available consultancy that gives your internal IT team and business stakeholders the support they need to keep your IT strategy on track.

Strategy and direction from an IT Consultant at redhall in Norwich
IT Security and compliance from an IT Consultant at redhall in Norwich

IT Security and compliance

With data breaches making the front pages and an increasing demand for compliance, the pressure is on businesses to implement coherent IT security strategies that serve to protect the integrity of internal and customer data.

Through a clear understanding of our client’s internal processes and customer relationships, we’re able to work alone or collaborate with internal IT staff to deliver an IT security framework that delivers assurance for you and your clients.

Vulnerability and penetration testing

Ensuring that your networks and systems aren’t vulnerable to cyber threats can be a daunting task. And while anti-malware solutions can provide you with a last ditch layer of protection, a pro-active approach to preventing unauthorised access and network exploitation should form part of your overall IT security strategy.

We’ve partnered with some of industries most credible and pioneering IT security specialists to offer our client a portfolio of services that include internal vulnerability testing, external penetration testing and remediation services to resolve discovered weaknesses.


Penetration testing from an IT Consultant at redhall in Norwich
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