As a small business you may already have in-house IT staff, or have out-sourced your IT Support, but it’s worth considering the benefits of impartial IT consultancy to compliment your current IT set-up.
Recruiting an experienced in-house IT team, with expertise in all areas is expensive and usually unachievable for smaller businesses. IT support, either in-house or outsourced, even if it’s pro-active support, is usually only focused on the day-to-day performance of your network.

Expert IT consultancy, working independently to, but in collaboration with your IT Support can bring a number of benefits to your business:

  • Impartial and Independent advice
    An independent IT Consultant can provide impartial IT advice and ask the right questions and challenges of your IT support staff or provider. This is critical if the senior management team in your business are not IT experts themselves.
  • Strategic direction
    IT Consultancy can also provide strategic direction for your IT, ensuring that any technology decisions and direction are supporting the long-term plans and growth of your business, meaning the business can stay focused on its core business functions.
  • The right infrastructure and network decisions
    Without access to Senior IT experience, there’s a risk that the wrong decisions are being made in terms of your IT Infrastructure. Having access to an independent and senior consultant means that the right advice is being provided to develop a stable and secure infrastructure for both now and the future.
  • Specialist skills and experience
    Junior IT staff or external IT support often doesn’t provide expertise in all areas. It also makes more commercial sense to only buy-in certain types of IT expertise as and when you need it. Whether this is in critical areas such as IT Security and Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Vulnerability and Penetration testing or focused on delivering one-off IT projects like a new office set-up or move.
  • Identify and implementing the right solutions
    Good external IT experts always have their eyes and ears on the market for new technologies, having the opportunity to test them before recommending them to any clients. Often, they’ll also have established and independents relationships with a range of vendors, meaning your business gets the right solutions as a competitive price.
  • Predictable and cost effective IT costs
    Many small businesses may be put off from considering external IT Consultancy (especially if they’re already buying in IT Support) due to the additional cost that it brings, but this type of expertise doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be purchased as and when you need it, and at the level required in your business. Long-term it will bring efficiencies to both your IT Support and business productivity meaning it will more than pay for itself.