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As STV’s existing IT Support partner, redhall are always looking for ways to improve their IT performance and eliminate any risk to the business. One area of risk that redhall identified was the way in which the business backed-up their data. STV were using a traditional back-up system, where discs were being used and taken off-site each night by a member of staff. This was far from robust, with people forgetting to back-up on occasion and discs at risk of being lost.


Following redhall’s implementation of a new fast fibre 100mb internet connection and a move to a cloud-based network, cloud-based back-up became available as an improved and reliable solution. Redhall utilised a feature already available in STV’s cloud set-up called Veeam Cloud Connect to automate back-up to the cloud.


This resulted in a far more robust process, eliminating risk to the business and reducing effort on the part of STV’s employees.



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