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Foolproof’s client list includes a number of leading global banking clients who required them to have a high-level of IT security & compliance. As their existing provider of IT Support and advice, redhall worked with Foolproof to improve their IT security so it met with the high standards required from these clients. One of the areas identified during an audit was to improve the security of their remote user VPN solution.


The new solution needed to meet with not only the client’s strict requirements, but also had to integrate with the existing Cisco Meraki firewall and active directory. It also had to remain easy to use so as not to impact their employee’s ability to log on and work remotely.

The 2-factor authentication solution provided added an extra layer of security, meaning end-users logged on with their usual username and password, but also with an additional one-time use password. End-users have a choice of using a key fob, software on their laptop or an app on their phone to generate the one-time password making it very easy to use.


The solution meant happy clients for Foolproof as it satisfied their security and compliance requirements. It also meant increased security for Foolproof’s network, whilst remaining an easy to use and simple solution for employees to login and work remotely. 5 years on and the solution is still standing the test of time.



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